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Pinnacle Group Homes are uniquely different

Pinnacle Elder Homes offers Assisted Living in a true residential home setting with premier individualized care.


Our kitchens are State certified for use by our Chefs and Food Safe Mangers. Our dining area is set family style, right next to the kitchen so that the smells of our freshly prepared dietary meals greets the residents as they gather to dine, talk and share laughter.

Living room

The Living room provides a warm and safe environment for our residents to come together and enjoy spending time with family, or watching favorite shows and movies, or relaxing in the warmth of the fireplace.

assisted living

We provide premier, individualized senior care in a true residential setting.


Pinnacle Elder Homes are called "homes" and that's exactly what we are. Pinnacle Elder Homes are newer, well-maintained residential houses, designed to meet the needs of aging seniors. By design, we do not have the feel or look of larger facilities and we do not believe that one-size-fits-all for our residences. We endeavor to incorporate the needs and preferences of all our seniors, along with the needs of their families. It's vital to us to create a warm, comfortable environment where each of our residents' are treated with care, self-respect and kind-heartedness.


At Pinnacle Elder Homes, we are always looking for ways to promote family time and encourage family members to come and spend time with their loved ones. Come, relax, and enjoy conversations or work on projects while interacting with family.


What Sets Us Apart

Not everyone wishes to live in a large assisted-living facility. Pinnacle Elder Homes 3½ : 1, resident to staff ratio, allows premier one-on-one care and constant interaction with each of our residents promoting health and wellness. Larger facilities often mean minimal staff to work with larger numbers of residents, which results in less quality care. At Pinnacle Elder Homes, our smaller resident capacity, means we are able to keep all of our residents actively engaged in daily life with no one forgotten in a corner or left in their room.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Pinnacle Elder Homes makes a point to be all-inclusive with our pricing. We do not have hidden fees, and we do not accumulate add-ons. Our cost is reflective of every service we provide. We maintain a high standard of integrity in our pricing. One issue with many other assisted living facilities is that they tack on additional fees. Their "base fee" initially discussed and quickly escalate due to multiple add-on fees. At Pinnacle Elder Homes, we have a simple, flat monthly rate with no surprises.